About Stills and Glyphs

There’s this art called Living and we’re a young couple taking a shot at it. We’ll probably learn it from the food we’ll eat, the places we’ll go to, the people we’ll meet, the books we’ll read, the things we’ll do or all the other random things we’ll stumble upon our way. Who knows? Whether we master this art or not, this blog called Stills and Glyphs is our proof of our endless and relentless pursuit of this nearly obsolete art.

But as much as we want other people to follow our adventures through this blog, we also wish for our rights to its contents to be respected. Don’t go stealing our stuff. If you have to use some of them, ask, or at least, give us due credit. Or cash. Cash is better. More so, our opinion does not reflect the views of whichever institution, company or people that we are, or you think we are affiliated with. Send us an email at stillsandglyphs@gmail.com


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